Ford rangers are great for different road conditions and you can easily transition from city streets to off-road conditions because of the safety features that they come with. There are improvements in both exterior and interior when it comes to newer models and they still provide a high level of safety for the passengers and those on the road.

If you own a Ford ranger, there are certain maintenance routines that you should be aware of. This will be useful when driving the vehicle in off-road conditions. The new Ford FX4 Max comes with features such as an advanced suspension, all-terrain tyres, off-road side steps that improve the functionality of the truck in adverse conditions. When you purchase a Ford ranger, you have to understand how often it needs servicing so that you can schedule routine maintenance at a reliable centre. There are also certain things that you have to check every month such as the level of engine oil, tyre wear, tyre pressure and the functioning of interior and exterior lights. You need to check the fluid level of the cooling system and check whether the battery connections are clean twice a year. Make sure you check the proper function of seatbelts and seat latches at this moment as well. If you see any signs of wear on the seat belts, you can get them repaired.

You need to carry out professional servicing of the vehicle every 5000 miles. This will ensure that the performance of the vehicle is at an optimum. When servicing, there are certain activities that are carried out such as tyre rotation, changing engine oil, chancing engine oil filter, an inspection of tyre tread and depth and inspection of wheels for issues like wear, drag or abnormal noise. They will also check areas that will require lubrication such as steering linkage and ball joints. There are also several servicing activities that you will need to carry out after certain intervals. You have to replace the cabin air filter after every 20,000 miles. The engine air filter has to be replaced after every 30,000 miles and the fuel filters have to be replaced as well. The spark plugs of the vehicle should be replaced every 60,000 miles and the engine coolant should be changed every 100,000 miles.

You have to understand your lifestyle and your requirements before selecting a vehicle. If you love to go on vacations often, it is best to select a vehicle that has a higher horsepower. The Ford ranger is a versatile vehicle for different road conditions. Also, the quality of the driving experience can be improved with routine maintenance as well. There are certain things that you can carry out to ensure that the vehicle is functioning well. You have to change the oil regularly once every 4500 miles. But you will have to check the level of oil once a week. There are also other fluids such as brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant etc. that will need to be topped up regularly. Make sure you check this weekly and top up when required.